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Press FAQ

The Comic-Con 2017 press application period is now OPEN! The deadline to submit an application and verification materials is April 28, 2017. You must have a valid and confirmed Comic-Con Member ID to apply. 
How do I sign up for a Comic-Con Member ID?

Click here to create your Comic-Con Member ID. A Member ID is free and available to all adults and juniors (ages 13 to 17) with a valid email address.

I already have a valid Comic-Con Member ID, but I have never attended as press. How does my Member ID change from an attendee member class to a press member class?

If you have already submitted a press application and have been approved by Comic-Con International, your member class will automatically change to a press member class. You do not need to sign up for a new Member ID if you already have one. 

How do I apply as press for Comic-Con 2017?

Click here to download the "Comic-Con 2017 Press Guidelines" PDF and complete the application found on page 7. Email your completed application and verification materials to: by April 28, 2017.

My outlet/company would like to attend Comic-Con 2017. Can we apply as an outlet/company or will each person need to apply individually?

Yes, but each member from your outlet/company must submit a completed application and sign-up for their own, personal Comic-Con Member ID. All applications and verification materials from your outlet/company must be submitted in one email. Failure to submit all applications and verification materials in one email may delay the review of your outlet’s applications. Remember, each applicant must apply with their own Comic-Con Member ID. 

Can I fax my press application and verification materials?

No. Comic-Con International is unable to accept any faxed applications or verification materials.

Why do I need to send in verification materials?

As a nonprofit organization, Comic-Con International is able to provide a complimentary press badge to individuals who meet the published guidelines and provide verification materials and proof of employment with qualified job titles.

How often do I need to send verification materials?

Comic-Con International requires that all press submit verification materials every two years, unless requested earlier by Comic-Con International. Additionally, returning press who need to update their company information must submit new verification materials for review before we can update their Comic-Con Member ID account. Approved freelance applicants will only be valid for a single year cycle. 

What if I cannot provide verification materials supporting my work?

If you cannot, or choose not to, provide the required verification materials, we suggest you purchase a badge through attendee registration. Your application as press cannot be processed if you do not provide verification of your work. Listing your outlet information on your application is not considered verification. You must submit qualifying verification materials to support the company listed on your application.

When will I receive a response to my application?

Please allow four to six weeks to process applications and verification materials. All applications are processed in the order in which they are received. If you do not receive a response after six weeks, please send an email to that includes your Member ID. Also include your last name, Comic-Con Member ID, and the date your application was submitted.

I sent in my application and verification materials over six weeks ago, but have not yet received a response. Who should I contact?

Please contact to confirm that we received your application. Make sure to include your last name, Comic-Con Member ID and the date your application was submitted. 

I sent in my application and was approved for Comic-Con 2017. Now what?

All approved and NOT DUE press will be sent an email when Comic-Con 2017 Press Badge Registration opens at a later date. Please make sure that you did not “opt-out” of email correspondence from Comic-Con International or you will not receive this important email notification. Your opt-out information is found on the “My Account” tab in the “Opt-Outs” section of your Member ID account. 

When do I register for my badge?

All approved and NOT DUE press may register for their Comic-Con 2017 press badge once Comic-Con 2017 Press Badge Registration opens. You will be sent an email with instructions on how to register when it opens. 

I have been approved for a Comic-Con 2017 press badge. Can I add a plus one, a guest, or a child?

No. A Comic-Con press badge is complimentary and therefore we cannot provide you with a plus one, guest, or child badge.

I was approved for a Comic-Con 2017 press badge but I am unable to attend. Can I transfer my press badge to another member of my outlet/company?

No. Press registration is a courtesy and your Comic-Con press badge is non-transferable. You may not transfer or sell your Comic-Con press badge.

I need to update my title and/or my company information in my Member ID account. How do I update this information?

Please download and review the “Comic-Con 2017 Press Guidelines” PDF. You will need to submit an application and verification materials for review before your title and/or company information can be updated.

Will onsite registration be available?

There will be NO onsite registration for press.

I would like to attend a certain panel at the convention, where do I enter?

A Comic-Con press badge does not give you early access, special access, or assigned seating to any of our panels or programming rooms. You must wait in the same line as the general attendees.

I would like to video tape/film/record a panel at Comic-Con 2017, am I able to do so?

Any video taping/filming/recording of any matter that will be used for commercial purposes (not news) must first obtain written permission from Comic-Con International as well as permission from panel participants. Live streaming at Comic-Con along with posting a panel in its entirety is not permitted. Please email with detailed information regarding your interest to record at Comic-Con and to obtain the appropriate consents.

I would like to shoot footage for a documentary at Comic-Con 2017, what are the appropriate guidelines and steps I need to follow?

Please download and review the “Comic-Con 2017 Press Guidelines” PDF. You will need permission from Comic-Con International and from any panel participants you include in your documentary. Please mail with detailed information regarding your interest to film at Comic-Con and to obtain the appropriate consents.

I missed the April 28, 2017 application deadline. What can I do?

Because of the high volume of applicants, applications and materials submitted after April 28, 2017 will not be accepted under any circumstances.

For any additional questions regarding Comic-Con press registration, please email 
For any additional publicity questions that do not pertain to Comic-Con press registration, please email