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Professional Registration Info

Creative Professionals

To register for a Comic-Con 2017 creative professional badge, PLEASE CLICK HERE. You will need your Comic-Con Member ID and last name. Complimentary professional guest badges have reached capacity. Paid professional guest badges are still available. The deadline to register for a badge is June 8, 2017.

Trade Professionals

To register for a Comic-Con 2017 trade professional badge, PLEASE CLICK HERE. You will need your Comic-Con Member ID and last name. Trade professional badge registration will close on July 12, 2017. 
Save time, don't wait in line! Register for your creative or trade professional badge prior to June 8, 2017 to have it shipped to you in advance. All professional and professional guest badges will be sent to the professional only. Badges will be shipped to the address on file in your Comic-Con Member ID account as of May 18, 2017. We encourage you to log in to your Member ID account and update your address prior to May 18 to ensure accurate delivery. We are unable to ship to an international address. International professionals may pick up thier badges when they arrive onsite.
  • If you are not sure if your member class is creative or trade professional, please log in to your Comic-Con Member ID account and select the "Professionals" tab. If no "Professionals" tab is displayed, you are not eligible to register as a professional for Comic-Con 2017. 
  • All guests of professionals must have their own valid and confirmed Comic-Con Member ID. You may not register for or purchase a guest badge without submitting their Comic-Con Member ID information.  A Comic-Con Member ID is free and you only need to sign up once! We encourage you to have your guest sign up for a Member ID as soon as possible. Remember, you will not be able to register a guest during online badge registration without submitting his or her own Member ID.
  • Paid professional guest badges can be used to register an adult or junior guest (age 13 to 17). The badge price is the same ($265), whether the guest is a junior or an adult, when purchased through professional registration. Children age 12 and under are free with a professional badge and do not count toward your guest limit. Child badges must be registered onsite at Industry Registration.

When you begin your registration session, you will need to enter your professional Comic-Con Member ID and last name. This includes any special characters like an accent or enye (ñ). To review your registration login information, log in to your Member ID account and select the "Professionals" tab.

When you reach the badge selection page, all available badge inventory will be shown. Please keep in mind that badge inventory will not refresh while you are on this page. If your desired guest badge type is unavailable, select another category or close your registration session. 

*Important* It is critical that you do not use your browser’s back button during any step of your registration session! Using the back button at any point during the registration process could potentially cause the system to error out or release your badges back into inventory. Comic-Con International cannot guarantee that your registration session will behave as expected if you use your back button during any step of the registration process.

The online badge registration system has been tested on the following browsers. We cannot guarantee your results should you use a browser not listed below:

Firefox: Any Version
Google Chrome: Any Version
Internet Explorer: Version 8 or later
Safari: Any Version

Attempting to register for badges online using multiple browser tabs can confuse the badge registration process and cause your transaction to fail. Only use one browser tab when trying to register for badges, in order to avoid technical difficulties with your transaction.


The online badge registration system is not formatted for iPads, tablets, or mobile devices. Although mobile devices have been tested and can be used to register for a badge during professional registration, Comic-Con is unable to guarantee that the registration system will behave as expected using a mobile device.


Comic-Con accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express only. We do not accept PayPal. If your debit card has a Visa or MasterCard logo, you will be able to use it for purchase.

While Comic-Con has made every effort to make the badge registration experience fair for everyone, it is possible that problems outside of our control could result in the system not working as planned. The possibility exists that anti-virus, anti-spyware, and anti-malware software may aggressively block browser cookies, JavaScript, or other operation of modern web applications. It is also possible that user error, specific hardware problems, local ISP issues, or simply the extremely high level of demand beyond our control may result in your computer and/or browser not behaving as described above. While Comic-Con has done extensive testing, we make no guarantees that your efforts will result in a successful badge registration regardless of when you enter the process.