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Professional Registration Info

Comic-Con 2019 professional badge registration is now open! All NOT DUE professionals are guaranteed a badge for Comic-Con 2019, but you must register online during the professional online registration period. Comic-Con 2019 professional badge registration closes on May 6, 2019.

New for Comic-Con 2019!  All NOT DUE professionals will receive guaranteed allotments and pricing for their professional badge and guest badge(s). You do not need to rush to the professional registration webiste when it opens! Guest badges will not be allocated on a first come, first served basis. You will receive an email notification to the address associated with your Comic-Con Member ID account when badge registration opens. At this time, you may log in to your Member ID account and select the “Professionals” tab for your personalized allotment. Your personal allotment of guest badges is guaranteed for the duration of badge registration. Please note that you must register before Comic-Con 2019 professional badge registration closes on May 6, 2019.

CLICK HERE to log in to your Member ID account.


• All professional guests (paid or complimentary) must have their own valid and confirmed Comic-Con Member ID. You will not be able to register a guest without entering their Member ID.

• To register a guest, you will need their Member ID, first, and last name. You do not need their Member ID password.

Log in to your Member ID account and select the “Professionals” tab to find your personal badge allotment, registration code, and direct link to badge registration.

• Click the direct link in your Member ID account. You will need your LAST NAME, registration code, and Member ID to log in. You do not need your password. You will also need the Member ID, first, and last name for all guests you wish to register.

• You will be asked to select between two options: “I am registering only myself” or “I am registering myself and my guest(s)”.

• If you choose to register guests, you will need to enter their first and last name, and their Member ID before selecting the “validate” button.

• If you choose not to register guests, you may return to the registration site at a later date to add your guests. However, you must register all badges before registration closes on May 6, 2019.

• Once guest Member IDs are validated, you will need to enter your payment information.

• As the costs of badge production have risen, each paid order will now be subject to a $7.50 handling fee. This will be added regardless of the number of badges in your order, and regardless of the final total at checkout.

• Children age 12 and under are free with a professional badge and do not count toward your guest limit. Child badges must be registered onsite.


You will need your unique professional registration code to enter the badge registration system. Your registration code can be found on the "Professionals" tab in your Comic-Con Member ID account. Remember, there is no need to rush when you receive your email! Eligible professionals can register for badges at any time during the registration period. Comic-Con 2019 professional badge registration closes on May 6, 2019.
Do not share your professional registration code! Your registration code belongs to you, and will authorize one browser and one device only.

The online badge registration system has been tested on the following browsers. We cannot guarantee your results should you use a browser not listed below:
Firefox: Any Version
Edge: Any Version
Google Chrome: Any Version
Internet Explorer: Version 11 or later
Safari: Version 7 or later

The registration system is not formatted for iPads, tablets, or mobile devices. Although mobile devices have been tested and can be used to register for a badge during professional registration, Comic-Con International is unable to guarantee that the registration system will behave as expected using a mobile device.

While Comic-Con International has made every effort to make the badge registration experience easy for everyone, it is possible that problems outside of our control could result in the system not working as planned. The possibility exists that anti-virus, anti-spyware, and anti-malware software may aggressively block browser cookies, JavaScript, or other operations of modern web applications. It is also possible that user error, specific hardware problems, local ISP issues, or simply the extremely high level of demand beyond our control may result in your computer and/or browser not behaving as described above. While Comic-Con International has done extensive testing, we make no guarantees that your efforts will result in a successful badge registration regardless of when you enter the process. Please contact if you experience any issues.