Ann Nocenti

Ann Nocenti

Writer, Catwoman, Katana

Ann Nocenti is thrilled to be back in comics, writing Catwoman and Katana for DC Comics and just finishing a run on Green Arrow. She wrote for Marvel Comics in the late 1980s, writing Daredevil, editing the X-Men, and creating Longshot, Typhoid, Spiral, Blackheart, and more. Nocenti teaches filmmaking at the Indigenous Film Circle in Norway and to Native Americans in Tulsa, and she taught in Haiti for two years. Her journalism has appeared in Details, Utne, HEEB, Stop Smiling, PRINT, Filmmaker, Scenario, and more. She has written about Baluchistan (“The Most Expensive Road Trip in the World,” Best Travel Writing 2008). Her feature script Taking Chances was produced in 2009. Her work can be found at her website


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