Mercedes Lackey

Mercedes Lackey at WonderCon Anaheim 2017, March 31–April 2 at the Anaheim Convention Center

Photo by Richard Man


Author, Hunter, Valdemar, Elemental Masters series

Mercedes Lackey was born in Chicago on June 24, 1950. The very next day, the Korean War was declared.  It is hoped that there is no connection between the two events. She has written and published 125 books in many series, including the Hunter, Valdemar, Elemental Masters, SERRAted Edge, Elvenbane, and Obsidian Mountain series from Hyperion, DAW, Baen, Torm and many others. She has over 80 books in print, with 4 being published in 2014 alone, and some of her foreign editions can be found in Russian, German, Czech, Polish, French, Italian, Turkish, and Japanese. In 1985 her first book was published. In 1990 she met artist Larry Dixon at a small science fiction convention in Meridian, MS, on a television interview organized by the convention. They moved to their current home, the “second weirdest house in Oklahoma,” in 1992. She has many pet parrots and “the house is never quiet.” From a collaboration with Dennis Lee, Cody Martin and Veronica Giguere came the Secret World Chronicle, www.secretworldchronicle, a five-book series of which the first 4 (Invasion!, World Divided, Revolution!, and Collision!) are available from Baen.