Food Trucks

Food Trucks for our Famished Fans at WonderCon 2023

Check out the food trucks tentatively scheduled to be at the Anaheim Convention Center during WonderCon 2023, courtesy of Food Smackdown, Inc!

Graze Burgers Food Truck
Graze Burgers

Graze Burgers is an award-winning burger and chicken sandwich truck with amazing burger options, fried chicken sandwiches, chicken tenders, fries, and more.

Taco Miendo Food Truck
Taco Miendo

Taco Miendo is a family-owned business providing mouth-watering Mexican cuisine. Known for their amazing shrimp burritos, loaded tots and fries, protein bowls, and more. They also have an amazing list of vegan options.


Hobo Co Pizza Food Truck
Hobo Co Pizza

Hobo Co Pizza is an award-winning mobile artisan gourmet pizzeria making some of the most delicious and unique California-style pizzas, including favorites such as meat lovers, margherita, Hobo Hawaiian pizza, and more.


OC Tacos & More Food Truck
OC Tacos & More

OC Tacos & More is a chef-owned and operated gourmet food truck known for their amazing culinary diversity that goes far beyond tacos and Mexican food, specializing in handcrafted Lobster Rolls, Mediterranean Cuisine, French, Italian, and much more.


Rolling Sushi Van
Rolling Sushi

Rolling Sushi not only brings you the freshest of ingredients and healthy cuisine, but they also roll around Orange County in an Eco-Friendly Way. Their Mercedes Sprinter Van runs on Blue-tech Engineering with a diesel fuel engine and propane generators. This delicious sushi cuisine will leave your mouth watering and your stomach begging for more.


Barcelona On The Go Food Truck
Barcelona OnTheGo

Barcelona OnTheGo is a new mobile concept in Spanish cuisine. They will be serving mouthwatering Spanish cuisine with Latin influences, a grilled chicken sandwich, shrimp tacos, and more.

Food Truck of the Year as Featured in OC Weekly
As Featured in OC Register


Kala Food Truck

Kala is a family inspiration to share authentic Mexican food and culture with recipes passed through generations. Kala is known for their artful Mexican cuisine, top-quality ingredients, and delectable and unique flavors. 


The Coconut Truck
The Coconut Truck

The Coconut Truck specializes in Cambodian-inspired street food with a modern twist, and “Nom Pang" handcrafted sandwiches made with high-quality produce, artisanal bread, all-natural cuts of meat, and vibrant herbs and spices.


Buen Appetit Food Truck
Buen Appetit

Buen Appetit has delicious craft global bites with signature items from all parts of the globe. All items are carefully crafted and will not disappoint. Buen Appetit is one-of-a-kind, specializing in both savory and desserts including handmade cheesecake shots, crepes, cupcake shots, tiramisu shots, cake pops, and more.


Nostimo Greek Food Truck
Nostimo Greek

Nostimo Greek Mediterranean Cuisine is known for their healthy and balanced food made with a variety of aromatic herbs and spices in combination with virgin olive oil, top-quality meats, and locally-grown vegetables.


German Yum Food Truck
German Yum

German Yum has authentic 5-star rated German-Turkish-Mediterranean cuisine that includes popular and mouth-watering favorites such as the German Bratwurst, Döner Kebab (Gyro/Shawarma), and Falafel with fresh shaven meats from a vertical rotisserie spit.


Cali Delights logo
Cali Delights

Cali Delights is a churro and ice cream truck with fun and creative churro and ice cream topping combinations. The ice cream is handmade and of super-premium quality. Cali Delights has many other dessert options as well from fried Oreos and specialty drinks such as Thai Tea, Horchata Float, Ice Coffee, and Boba drinks.


Bittie Bitez Food Truck

BittieBitez is one of Southern California’s most popular gourmet dessert trucks, serving delectable handcrafted mini donuts made fresh on the food truck and handcrafted shakes. Mini donuts can be topped with ice cream and other super-fun toppings.


Cool Crafted Food Truck
Cool Crafted

Cool Crafted is an out-of-the-box gourmet food truck offering crafted acai bowls, PB sandwiches, toasts, cold brew, and fun and unique Italian Ice and Ice Cream treats using premium handmade ice cream and the creamiest Italian Ice available made from the finest ingredients.