WonderCon Anaheim Terms and Conditions

By purchasing, obtaining, or using a WonderCon badge you agree to the following:

By attending WonderCon Anaheim or any part of WonderCon Anaheim, you agree to allow San Diego Comic Convention/WonderCon/Comic-Con International (SDCC), its agents, licensees or assignees, the right to use your image and/or likeness by media now known or hereafter devised for advertising and/or other promotional purposes. You also agree not to take pictures or videos where posted or announced as prohibited and agree that any permitted photos or videos will not be used for any commercial purposes and will not be made publicly available or generally displayed without prior written consent of SDCC.

By registering for a paid or complimentary WonderCon badge you agree not to sell, trade, transfer or share your complimentary code, badge confirmation, or badge. In the event that SDCC determines that you have violated this policy, SDCC has the right to cancel your entire badge order and keep any money paid by you.

Confirmations and/or badges that have been sold or provided by anyone other than SDCC will not be honored by SDCC. You must wear and display your badge at all times while onsite and at any official SDCC event. All badges are the property of SDCC and must be relinquished to SDCC upon request. SDCC reserves the right to refuse admission, to refuse service and/or to cancel/revoke your Member ID and/or badge at SDCC's discretion.

SDCC may perform any of the following validation of badges on entry to any area of the convention. These measures are an effort to prevent illegal badge duplication and unauthorized reselling. SDCC may scan a barcode, require a photo ID that matches the name on the badge, scan RFID embedded in the badge, and examine the badge with other technological and/or physical methods to verify authenticity of the badge and holder. Before leaving any registration area please make sure that the name on the badge matches your identification.

I understand that I must register an individual name for each badge and that each name must match a valid photo ID. If SDCC determines that you have purchased more than one badge in your name for any day, SDCC has the right to cancel your duplicate badge(s) and keep a 10% processing fee per cancelled badge, in SDCCs sole discretion.

You must register for a Comic-Con Member ID in order to be entitled to purchase and register a badge. Children (age 12 and under) may not register for a Comic-Con Member ID. Everyone who intends to purchase, apply, or register for a WonderCon badge must have a valid and confirmed Comic-Con Member ID. This includes attendees, volunteers, professionals, guests of professionals, retailers, panel key contacts, exhibitor main contacts, staff, and members of the press. If SDCC determines that you purchased or registered for a badge, but did not register for a Comic-Con Member ID, SDCC has the right to cancel your badge and refund any amounts paid, less a 10% processing fee, in SDCC's sole discretion. All individuals may register for one Comic-Con Member ID only. Multiple Member IDs per individual are not allowed. If it is determined that you have more than one Member ID, SDCC reserves the right to automatically cancel - without notice - all Member IDs associated with the individual as well as any badges or passes issued to such Member IDs. 

The Exhibit Hall, program rooms, and all onsite and offsite events have limited capacity as set by the fire marshal. Even though your badge is required to get into all SDCC events, it does not guarantee you access to any event if the venue has reached capacity. Wristbands do not guarantee entry to any event. Programming room, exclusives, and autograph wristbands are provided as an estimate of allowed entry/participation and does not guarantee entry and/or participation. SDCC reserves the right to limit or restrict access to any event, programming room, exclusives, wristbands and wristband events, in SDCC’s sole discretion.

Although SDCC makes efforts to ensure the purchase of badges is easy, efficient, and equitable, SDCC makes no guarantee, warranty, or representation that, by logging onto the SDCC website with a Comic-Con Member ID, you are entitled to or will be able to purchase a badge. Due to the limited number of badges and the large volume of Comic-Con Member ID holders, badges are sold as long as they are available. Additionally, SDCC makes no guarantee, warranty, or representation that the website will function properly throughout the badge sales process. In the event that the website malfunctions, SDCC will try to rectify the problem in a timely fashion. Notwithstanding, by using the website you agree that IN NO EVENT SHALL WONDERCON, ITS PRINCIPALS, AGENTS, REPRESENTATIVES OR AFFILIATES BE LIABLE FOR ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL, PUNITIVE OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OF ANY KIND WHATSOEVER, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO DAMAGES RESULTING FROM THE USE OF THE WEBSITE OR THE BADGE SALE AND REGISTRATION PROCESS.


The above terms & conditions apply to all SDCC badge purchases and registrations. Registrations for exhibitors, professionals, press, vendors, retailers, program participants, volunteers, and staff may be subject to additional restrictions outlined during the online badge registration process.


Your event badge is encoded with a number that allows exhibitors to obtain your full name, company name, address, phone/fax, and email address. If you allow an exhibitor to scan your badge using RFID or the barcode, they can obtain this information. If you do not want exhibitors to have your contact information, do not allow your badge to be scanned and do not give your badge to anyone else.

Only allow your badge to be scanned by exhibitors who you want to have your contact information. If an exhibitor scans your badge and obtains your contact information, they may contact you, send you information, or share your information with others. Comic-Con does not rent, sell, lend or give its mailing list to anyone other than parties that need the information to assist in producing our events (e.g., the registration and housing companies).


Reselling, sharing, or transferring a WonderCon badge or complimentary pass is strictly prohibited. Upon determination by SDCC that a badge or pass is being used in violation of this policy, the badge or pass will be cancelled without notice and without any refund. 

We have begun processing refunds for WonderCon Anaheim 2020 badge purchases. Refunds are being processed in batches, so please do not be alarmed if a friend or family member receives their refund before you. If you have any questions regarding your refund, please use the “Contact Us” tab in your Comic-Con Member ID account. have begun processing refunds for WonderCon Anaheim \\\